The Responsibility of the Bishops for the Universal Church at a time of Confusion

What is the initiative Pro Ecclesia Universali?

It is an initiative bringing together organisations and other groups of lay Catholics whose aim is to defend the unity of the Catholic (Universal) Church in the face of the synodal process of Her disintegration.

This process leads to increasing confusion among the faithful. It dilutes the traditional teaching of the Church on matters of faith and morals. It contaminates the Church with the errors of modernity, as demonstrated by the document 'Fiducia Supplicans’ which authorises the blessing of homosexual couples.

An essential element of the synodal process of disintegration of the Church is the deconstruction of the hierarchical order. As a result, the successors of the Apostles, i.e. the bishops, can no longer effectively pass on the deposit of faith.

The destructive process of so-called synodality will ultimately lead to the fact that a clear interpretation of the revealed truths and principles of Christian life will no longer be possible. This will expose the faithful to perseverance in error and sin, and thus to loss of salvation and eternal damnation.

What is the main campaign of the initiative Pro Ecclesia Universali?

Encouraged by the words spoken by Jesus to the Apostles ‘All you need to say is simply 'Yes’ or 'No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one. (Mt 5,37)’, We have decided to publish and distribute a brochure entitled ‘Responsibility of Bishops for the Universal Church in Times of Confusion’.

The recent document 'Fiducia supplicans’ promulgated by the Holy See is causing a serious confusion regarding its interpretation, which raises the concern that the Church has entered a phase of major doctrinal and moral crisis. Our conscience shaped by the Catholic Faith cannot accept the permissibility of public blessing of homosexual couples. The moral evil of remaining in such a relationship cannot be blessed and no twisted explanations can justify the practice of invoking God’s name to bless sin. For this reason, as lay Catholics, we cannot remain silent, but stand in solidarity with those pastors of the Universal Church who have expressed their loud and clear opposition to 'Fiducia supplicans’.

Through the publication and dissemination of our booklet, we wish to support all the hierarchs of the Universal Church who care about the salvation of the faithful entrusted to them and who publicly defend them against the spread of errors, even as they originate from the Throne of St. Peter.

Therefore, guided by our fidelity to the Pope and the Bishops, we are concerned about the process of the so-called 'synodal way’, which aims, as a further consequence, to disintegrate the hierarchical structure of the Church established by Christ Himself and based on the authority given to Peter and the Apostles to care for the salvation of souls and the unity of the whole Universal Church through its exercise.

Only unity in Truth and Faith is the guarantee of the unity of Christ’s fold, the guarding of which Jesus entrusted to the Apostles and their successors at this very difficult stage in the history of the Holy Church.


For this reason, we want the study ‘Responsibility of Bishops for the Universal Church in Times of Confusion’ to inspire personal meetings between representatives of our initiative and local bishops, in order to prompt them to take action defending the hierarchical order in the Church and protecting the faithful from doctrinal confusion.

What could be the additional actions?

  1. Dissemination of the study (in printed or electronic form) among diocesan clergy, monastic orders and organisations of the faithful.
  2. Public conferences indicating the need for the bishops to speak out in the situation of confusion in the Church, which has intensified after the publication of the 'Fiducia Supplicans’.
  3. Public and private (regular) prayers for the Pope and the local bishop (including auxiliary bishops) for holiness of their lives and the virtue of fortitude in defending the Catholic Faith.

Who can join the initiative?

Any group or organisation of lay Catholics who have an interest in persevering in the Faith and in the unity of the Catholic Church. The initiative is informal and is based on a moral commitment by its participants to influence bishops to take action in defence of the Deposit of the Faith, which arises from their office.

Organisations that have joined the 'Pro Ecclesia Universali' initiative

Stowarzyszenie Kultury Chrześcijańskiej im. Ks. Piotra Skargi (Poland)

Collegium Intermarium University (Poland)

Instytut na rzecz Kultury Prawnej Ordo Iuris (Poland)

Centrum Wspierania Inicjatyw dla Życia i Rodziny (Poland)

Nadácia Slovakia Christiana (Slovakia)

SA Perekonna ja Traditsiooni Kaitseks (Estonia)

Zaklada Vigilare (Croatia)

Centro Cultural Cruzada (Colombia)

Krucjata Różańcowa za Ojczyznę (Poland)

Life Site News (International)

Tradition – Family – Property (New Zealand)

Sacred Heart Media, LLC (USA)

Fundacja Nowy Nazaret (Poland)

Krikščioniškosios Kultūros Institutas (Lithuania)

Dievo Gailestingumo Bendruomenė (Lithuania)

Związek Monarchiczno-Reakcyjny (Poland)

Stowarzyszenie Głos Wiernych (Poland)


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